BackYarder: 2' x 4' Maple Syrup Evaporator

This is the ideal maple syrup evaporator for a hobby level of production.

  • Good for up to 100 taps.

  • The pans are constructed of TIG welded, 304 polished, 20 Guage stainless steel.

  • The pan is 2' x 4' and 10" deep, with 3 partitions for flow control. A valve is provided to take of the syrup.

  • A small pre-heater pan sits on top at the back, where heat from the steam and from the smoke stack help to warm sap before entering the main boiling pan. A regulator tap/valve is provided on the pre-heater to help maintain flow into the main tank. 

  • All controls can be operated from one side so the evaporator can be installed in a smaller area.

  • The arch (firebox) has a welded steel grate, a large door for easy firing (filling with wood) and a clean out door at the bottom. Draft can be controlled with the adjustable lower door. 

  • The arch accepts 2' long firewood. The rear legs are adjustable for levelling.

  • Installation and set up requires placing of 80 fire bricks.

  • The smoke stack and sides of the arch are galvanized steel, with stainless steel available as an option.

  • We can provide a rope operated rain cover for the top of the smoke stack.

Call for more information: 518-846-3192