Stainless steel collar SS304, 9/16" with collars.

Easy installation Stainless Steel, the connectors are made of super tough black nylon allowing installation and uninstallations of the 5/16" tubing at will, the connector ends are polished and are seamless for a perfect seal. The connectors can be used at different angles. A quadruple ultra-performing joint assures a high quality seal, all is secured to the master tube by a high quality seal, the all is secured to the master tube by a high quality collar made of SS304 grade, stainless steel of 9/16" (14 mm) wide.
The benefits of an ultra-wide stainless steel collar is that, unlike plastic collars which changes in size and shape over time and causes leaks, stainless steel is stable and SS304 grade are used on sea water, proving it’s the best material for a long term application. The base of the tube fitting collar and the high quality joint are tightly secured under the collar that comes in three different sizes. The ultra-performing joint contains four lips guaranteeing a perfect seal. The hole size in the master tube is 5/16", and the replacement of existing and /or defective tube fittings is advantageously done with the use of this product. Larger holes can also be plugged with this product.

Mainline Connector Tube Collar/ 10 ct bag

  • Includes connector and seal