Multifunctional collar, made of super strong black nylon.

This collar is used to secure the tube installation on the disposable maple sap spouts, manually and without effort, securing the tube on the sap spout and, “Star accessories”, preventing any possibility of micro leakage when added to a 5/16" tubing. This collar allows removing the sap spout for spring disinfection and retaining the tube on the collar connection until the next season. Removing the sap spouts allows a perfect disinfection of the tubing making the next season’s harvest superior and a better syrup quality.
The 5/16" multifunctional collar can be used with all other, “Star” category accessories, to help install and uninstall the tubing at your will for all necessary maintenance of your tubing system and of your sugar bush area, without any restrictions.

Multifunctional Collar