The most powerful and innovative product on the market, allowing tapping and
untapping by hand (offered in clear and transparent blue), ensuring the best health of your maple trees at a lower cost, which doesn’t leak throughout the season. Easy installation and uninstallation of the tubing
without the use of any tools or having to cut the tube, as are the other products in this “Star” category.
The adaptors have a small tube which is 0.221" in diameter ensuring the maximum health of your maple trees. The variable thickness of the very thin “intelligent” walls of the tube, which is from 0.023" to 0.035", is distributed along the length of 1.575" of the part entering into the maple tree. At the tapping notch, during the installation, the diameter of the tube entering in the drilled notch adapts gradually by reducing its diameter depending on the hardness of the tree bark and the oval shape of the hole. It also can be used with a bucket by adding a hook on the prefabricated hole of the sap spout.
Very important: The strength needed for tapping by hand is minimal, push and turn on entering, and verify the solidity. A small reduction in its diameter of 0.015" durring tapping is enough to prevent leaks and the frost from pushing it out. It is flexible and adapts to the tree notch regardless of temperature.
Untapping is easily done by hand by turning the sap spout 1/4 of a turn to prevent peeling of the bark, which is retained by the maple sugar.
The untapping can easily be done also by hand, by turning the adaptor 1/4 of a turn, preventing peeling of the bark which is usually retained by the maple sugar.

We recommend that this sap spout be used with the collar 5/16" facilitating tapping and untapping, refer to the description below, collar tube 5/16".
The only way of perfectly disinfecting the tube is by removing the sap spout.

Sap Spout #2 Star Disposable

  • For use with a standard 5/16" spout